Christ Church Milwaukee is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America




Part of our hope is that we would see our hearts grow fuller with a love for Christ and his glory. We want to see his beauty truth and grace ever-growing in our lives and hearts.


We also want to see formed in us a love for the Body of Christ, the church. The church is the epicenter of where and how God works in the world; therefore, it's crucial that our love for it grow and expand.


We love Milwaukee, and as we live here among it's people, parks and pubs, we hope to see our love for it increase all the more. This is where God has placed us and called us to live and serve. We will labor to bring peace and a sense of prospering to Milwaukee and her people.




We're not shy of making a big deal of Jesus. He is the center of all things, and we believe he is this world's Hope. We believe he's Milwaukee's Hope. At Christ Church Milwaukee, we are convinced that Jesus Christ is the One who gives peace, joy and life to those who need it most. We believe he is Truth and Love, embodied and personified.


Grace is that idea that shakes things up. It tells us we're simply not good enough, contrary to what the world, or our mothers, may tell us. Yet, it also tells us we're more loved and accepted by God than the world, or mom, could ever do. That's because grace tells us that it's not about us. It's about Christ. Grace is that gift from God himself that reconciles rebels to the King. It is indeed amazing.


At Christ Church Milwaukee, we take the Bible seriously. That means we read it, preach it, teach it, pray it, and live out its commands in our lives. We believe what the Holy Scripture says about itself, namely that it's "living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit...discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart." It's the very Word of God, to us and for us.


The Kingdom of God was the central message of Jesus during his ministry on earth. He spoke of it often, and so should we. The Kingdom of God is the rule and reign of Jesus Christ over all things. Practically speaking, it looks like God overseeing all of life in a sovereign, loving, and gracious way.



As a church that holds to these particular commitments and cares for one another, we believe that, inevitably, these things will impact and shape the choices we make as well.

Will we choose that which is Eternal and Unseen or that which is Temporal and Seen?
Will we choose to see God at work in the Ordinary elements of life or insist that He act in Extraordinary ways?
Will we choose building Community and practicing Hospitality among one another and our neighbors or will we seek to invest in ourselves and our individual comfort?

The temporal and seen may be shinier and newer, but not everything that glitters is gold. To live by faith is to live by that which is unseen, but no less real and true. Gray is the color of faith.

As one older Scottish pastor once said, "there is glory in the ordinary." It may be slow, it may feel laborious, and hey, it might even appear boring (heaven forbid!), but the reality is this how God tends to work in the world. Let's embrace it.

Be honest. Comfort is that great American God that we all serve. But like all false gods, it never delivers on its promise. On the other hand, seeking community and practicing hospitality (literally "love of the stranger" in the New Testament) is where real life happens and where real blessings are found.


Rev. Jon Talley

Jon is the planting pastor at Christ Church Milwaukee. Originally from Georgia, he's lived in Philadelphia and Virginia. He's excited to call the Midwest and Milwaukee home now. Jon and his family  moved to Milwaukee in July, 2014 to help begin the process of planting a new church on Milwaukee's Eastside. You can find him biking down Downer, picking up some tacos at Bel Air, or talking good food and good beer. (Oh, you might also see him at a Colectivo near you.) Jon is married to Carrie and they have 3 kids ages 9 to 4.

You can reach Jon at

Sara Rojas

Sara Rojas is the Children’s Ministry and Women’s Ministry Coordinator at Christ Church Milwaukee.  These ministries are her passion, and she is excited to see them grow and develop!  After moving around for the past twelve years, Sara and her husband Roberto and their two kids, Cristiano and Maria, are excited to be back home in Milwaukee after some time away.  Sara loves spending time outdoors with her family and cooking up new recipes in her kitchen. 

Hans & Sarah Moscicke

Hans and Sarah Moscicke are Co-Directors of Music at CCM. From St. Louis, Sarah studied Communications and Theatre at Wheaton College, worked as an actor and musician in Chicago, and earned an M.A. in Education at Loyola University Maryland. Sarah is currently a Montessori teacher in Milwaukee. Originally a jazz drummer, Hans went to Moody Bible Institute to study Bible, earned an M.A. in Biblical exegesis at Wheaton College, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Marquette University, studying the New Testament. Sarah and Hans are honored to serve the church through music at CCM.